Here's the basic edition which contains major cities of the world!

- Includes 251 countries across the world which is best amongst all cities database across internet. You get best value for your relationship with us
- Includes 385,000+ ONLY major world cities in basic edition. Does not include small cities/villages
See latitude longitude database edition otherwise if you are looking for small cities inclusion as well
- Free one year database updates on all products
- Database is available only in a English language only
- Free Customer Support by email
- Data is provided in MySQL and Microsoft SQL format. Data is also provided in tab delimited files as well
- Database last Updated - March 2020

Compare Major and Minor Cities Database for all features

Note: This is demo/sample data and does NOT show all cities

 City name is displayed in plain character. Select city to see Timezone. Check demo for latitude longitude database to see accentuated characters.


  Download Cities Database Sample(USA and Canada Samples Only)

City Table
Country Table
country_code - 2 letter ISO code
country_code - 3 letter ISO code
continent name
dialing prefix
State/Region Table

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Watch Basic Edition Database Demo and See How It Looks Like After Loading Data Into Database

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