• 240+ world countries included in this latitude longitude database which is way better than competitors
  • Includes 380,000+ major cities of the world. Does not include small cities/villages. See pro edition otherwise.
  • Continent and Telephone Code/International Dialing Codes also included in the database
  • City names in accentuated (unicode) as well as plain ASCII format
  • Free one year update on all products
  • Easy instructions to load cities database data into your Microsoft SQL and MySQL database. For other data formats, please write to us before purchase to check for additional service charges.
  • Timezone info and dialing code for each country
  • Countries, states and cities are in English language
  • Database last Updated - December 2019
  • Price: $99

Note: This is demo/trial data and does NOT show all cities for this country
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  Download Cities Database Sample(USA and Canada Samples Only)

City Table


Country Table


State/Region Table


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  World Cities Database - Basic Edition

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We provide you the free demo for USA and Canada based cities for better understanding.